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27 Tips To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

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How Long Will It Take To Sell Your Home?

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Moving experiences rank within the top 10 of the most stressful events for the average adult and for anyone who has had to make a move, it probably come as no surprise.

If you add your children to your moving equation, it becomes even more stressful and I want to help you prepare your young children for a move and also help them adjust to their new house and community. Therefore, here is a FREE report “Parents: Preparing Young Children for the Move.”  With the best tips from experts in the industry.

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Something we can all agree in is that moving can be hard on everyone involved: adults, kids and of course, your pets!

They may not understand exactly what’s going on when they see their family moving around home with big boxes and why everything is storage down. They can sense the stress (even good or bad), that the whole family is experiencing.

Animals can become quite anxious and confused because they are creatures of habits and they don’t like changes to their usual routines. They can behave rather badly when under stress, so you’ll need to do all you can to help them feel secure throughout the moving process.

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